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Designing Network Security - November 2003, Cisco Press
The first edition of the book was completed in May 1999 and was the first of its kind to provide a comprehensive textbook covering all aspects of network infrastructure security. The second edition provides enhancements to include security issues relevant to wireless and Voice over IP infrastructures. Although the first 8 chapters are vendor agnostic, the last chapters on implementation examples are all based on Cisco devices and syntax.

Available for purchase at Barnes & Noble and Amazon.


Kyoto, February 2005
A 3-day hands-on security workshop on network infrastructure security. Topics include threat models, securing device access, securing data traffic, securing routing protocols and incident response/network forensics.

Security First
Nepal, March 2004
A 5-day hands-on security workshop to teach fundamentals of network infrastructure security. This workshop also included security fundamentals of Linux and Microsoft hosts. Contact Double Shot Security for more information.

Chicago, October 2003
A tutorial to provide detailed technical information about security technologies that should be considered when securing any networking infrastructure. Technologies covered included S/Key, 802.1x, RADIUS, TACACS+, SSH, SSL, L2TP, and IPsec. Specific architectures and configuration examples are used to illustrate how to effectively secure network infrastructures comprising of routers, switches, and firewalls.

Sri Lanka, July 2003
A day-long workshop to teach the fundamentals of securing a network infrastructure. Topics included: creating an effective security policy, securing device physical and logical access, effective network filtering policies, logging considerations and techniques to mitigate DoS attacks. Contact Double Shot Security for more information.

Taiwan, February 2003
A workshop to teach the fundamentals of a secure network infrastructure. Topics included securing device access, filtering best practices and mitigating DoS attacks. Contact Double Shot Security for more information.

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