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Double Shot Security was founded in January 2000 to offer worldwide technical strategy and business consulting services to secure network infrastructures – these services are provided to both vendors and end-users. Based on a systematic approach of education, analysis and design, the company helps vendors create valuable product strategies and end-users architect effective network security solutions.

The company's expert staff relies on current hands-on experience with both IPv4 and IPv6 network infrastructures to provide the client with the latest best current practices to mitigate security risks. Security expertise encompasses risk analysis and evaluation of security needs as well as practical deployment experience in technologies including firewalls, IPsec, SSL, AAA functions and IDS systems.

Executive Leadership


Merike Kaeo, founder and chief network security architect, is a recognized global expert in information security and author of 'Designing Network Security'. She led Cisco's first security initiative in 1997, has acted as a technical advisor for numerous security start-up companies, and is a frequently sought after speaker and instructor of security issues and solutions at international security-related conferences and ISP forums around the world including NATO conferences, RSA, NANOG, RIPE, APRICOT and SANOG.

Prior to working at Double Shot Security, Merike was employed by Cisco Systems, Inc. as a technology leader in the 'emerging technologies' team looking at innovative technology developments available for partnering or acquisition. She was responsible for developing strategies with senior executives for entering new markets and was responsible for identifying opportunities and working with business development managers to execute investment, partnering and acquisition transactions. Merike worked primarily on technical issues relating to network performance, network routing protocols, network design, and network security. Merike started her networking and information security career in 1988 at the National Institute of Health, designing and implementing the original FDDI backbone for the NIH campus using Cisco routers.

Merike is a member of the IEEE and has been an active contributor in the IETF since 1992. She was the co-chair of the IETF IPPM (IP Performance Metrics) working group from 2000-2003. She received her BSEE from Rutgers University in 1987 and completed her MSEE degree from George Washington University in 1998.

Industry Contributions

Double Shot Security is extensively involved in a variety of industry forums to enhance overall networking technology developments and practical deployments.

Latest Speaking Engagements and Panel Participation

» IPv6 Security Update at ICT Conference - Luxembourg, March 2010
» IPv6 Tutorial at NANOG - Austin, Texas, February 2010
» Government Legal Security Framework at NATO Cyber Center of Excellence - Tallinn, Estonia, September 2009
» IPv6 Security Tutorial at AusCERT - Gold Coast, Australia, May 2009
» Security Workshop at MENOG - Manama, Bahrain, April 2009
» ISP Security Workshop at APRICOT - Manila, Philippines, February 2009
» Operational Security Tutorial at APNIC - Christchurch, New Zealand, August 2008
» Prevention and Response to Cyber Attacks for EAPC [Euro-Atlantic Parnership Council] Seminar - Yerevan, Armenia, June 2008
» Network Security Presentation at TERENA - Brugge, Belgium, May 20, 2008
» Events in Estonia May 2007 at Cyber Terrorism Workshop - San Antonio, Texas, March 2008
» Events in Estonia May 2007 at Cyber Conflict Study Symposium - Washington D.C., February 2008
» CEENet Conference - Ohrid, Macedonia, September 16, 2007
» BlackHat Conference – Las Vegas, August 2006
» RIPE Conference – Istanbul, Turkey, May 2006
» Operational Security Update at RSA Conference - San Jose CA, February 2006
» IPv6 Security Seminar - Arlington VA, January 2006
» IPv6 Technology Seminar - San Jose CA, September 2005
» Security workshop and tutorial at SANOG6 - Bhutan, July 2005
» SEINIT Conference - Paris, April 2005
» Security Hands-on Workshop at APRICOT - Kyoto, February 2005
» IPv6 Seminar - Arlington, VA, November 2004
» EWF Panel - Ft. Meyers, September 2004
» ISSA Conference - Boston, June 2004
» Security and Privacy Panel - DePaul University, January 2004


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