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Security is all about risk management.
True risk management requires a
holistic view of multiple components
that include technical, operation, legal, social and political nuances.

Merike Kaeo

Chief Network Security Architect
Double Shot Security
3518 Fremont Ave N #363
Seattle, WA 98103

+1 310.866.0165

doubleshot security  doubleshot security


Merike (CTO, Farsight Security) speaks at the INET-Internet of Things Conference on February 18, 2016.

IoT Security: Ascertaining What is Abnormal To Detect What is Potential Malicious Behavior
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Merike (CTO, Farsight Security) will keynote at SANOG27 in Kathmandu, Nepal on January 25, 2016

Managing Security Risks in Today's Complex Internet Landscape
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Merike Kaeo, Chief Network Security Architect for Double Shot Security, shares her experience in how to deploy a secure IPv6 infrastructure.

How to preserve the integrity and resiliency of your existing infrastructures while adding IPv6 capabilities will be the focus of this talk.

July 4


Merike is thinking about attending and speaking at a certain conference.

June 10

Fundamental Network Security

The fundamental principles of securing network infrastructures don't change - although vendor jargon tries to make you think otherwise.

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WHat is real security?

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